Looking for games like Coin Master? Wait no more, your search ends here! In this blog post, you will find exactly what you are looking for, the top 10 games like Coin Master.

Coin Master became famous on phones and everyone loved playing it! In the game, you spin a virtual slot machine to get coins. you can use those coins to make your village better and attack villages owned by other players. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Coin Master has become a huge hit among players. If you want to find games that are like Coin Master, here are a few other games you might like.

Here is a list of the top 10 similar games like Coin Master

Pet Master

pet master
Pet Master is like ‘Coin Master,’ but with cute pets! In the game, you travel through many different stages full of various animals. Imagine wandering through various places and times, having lots of different adventures. You gather cards and spin slot machines just for some good fun! Just be careful not to spin too much, it might get a bit too exciting! There’s also a virtual slot machine to earn coins and spins. if you want more coins and rewards Try attacking or raiding other players’ villages!

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Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings is a casual mobile game released in 2015 by Jelly Button Games. In Pirate Kings, you’re a pirate yourself and just pick up your crew. You go sailing around the islands conquering them all to build your Powerful empire of Pirmates! But the game’s major mechanism is spinning a wheel to win gold. Players can use this currency that they have won playing when rolling over available resources, such as bombs or cannons, and pummel another player’s island into smithereens. Players can also use their resources to build and upgrade their islands and to customize their pirate avatars with different outfits and accessories.

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Piggy Go

piggy go

Piggy GO is a casual mobile game that was developed by Forever9 Games and released in 2019. In the game, players take on the role of a cute pig character who travels the world, collects coins and gems, and builds their village.

The game’s primary mechanic is spinning a wheel to earn coins, gems, and other rewards, which can be used to purchase resources such as hammers and shovels, as well as to attack other players’ villages or protect your own. Players can also use their resources to build and upgrade their villages and to unlock new pig characters with unique abilities.

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Download piggy go for android

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Coin Tales

coin tales

Coin Tales is a game similar to Coin Master, featuring raids, attacks, and village building, but it’s a much lighter version. What sets this game apart is its smooth gameplay and collection of pets. Although its graphics are not as advanced as Coin Master, you can’t expect better from a lightweight app. Its unique features have recently helped it cross over 1 million downloads.

Download coin tales for android

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Spin Voyage

spin voyage

Spin Voyage is a free mobile video game developed by True Pilots U.N. Limited that combines elements of casino and casual gameplay. In this game, the player spins the lucky slot machine to earn coins and use them to build an island empire and become the king of the island. The player must also raid and loot their friends and other players to become richer.

The game features stunning destinations, including New York, Paris, serene beaches, and exotic islands, which players can travel to. You can play and compete with friends or other players globally. Inside the app, you’ll find a treasure trove of exciting mini-games, each offering new opportunities to snag extra coins and have a blast!

Download spin voyage for android

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Fruit Master

fruit master

Fruit Master is a casual arcade game that lets users cut and chop various categories of fruits. They can spin a virtual fruit machine, which will get them some coins to buy power-ups or upgrades. The game has several mini-games for instance fruit bowling or target practice involving hitting the fruits with a stick.

Download fruit master for android

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Island King

island king

Island King is an action-strategy game available for free download on mobile devices. Forever 9 Games developed this game. Luna, a character in the game, was with her father when a monster suddenly appeared and took him to a strange island. The player takes on the role of Luna, exploring several islands in search of her missing father

In their search for Luna’s father, players can spin the wheel and win mega prizes and coins which they can use to construct different islands or unlock new ones. It also comes with both single-player and multiplayer modes meaning you can play by yourself or with friends.

Download Island king for android

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Piggy Boom

piggy boom

Piggy Boom is a free to play video game available for Android and iOS. It was developed by Forever9 Games, and it is free to play. This casual experience involves building new islands, upgrading them, spinning the wheel for some items, and plundering enemies’ islands.

In this game, Piggy Boom, you are a pirate pig that makes and expands his or her island with various kinds of farms, mines, and defensive buildings. Spin the wheel for coins, weapons, shields, and more that help in improving your island or attacking others so as to steal from them. Also, there’s a fun treasure hunting feature in the game where players get to dig up treasures and earn awesome rewards!

Players can also be part of a clan or create their own clan thus chatting with friends while playing on-line multi-player mode. In addition to iOS devices, it can be downloaded on Android phones too.

Download piggy boom for android

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Coin Trip

coin trip

Coin Trip is a casual mobile game in which players spin a slot machine to win coins and go around the world. The coins accumulated by the users may additionally be used as an upgrade for their equipment and location unlocking. In addition to the daily challenges, a range of mini-games are available for punters which are accompanied by 3D graphics, captivating sound effects plus great ambiance. Simple gameplay coupled with addictive attributes have made Coin trip a top selection among typical gamers.

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Dice Dreams

dice dreams

Dice Dreams is a free mobile game you can play on both iOS and Android. Dice Dreams was developed and published by Superplay Games.

Dice Dreams is like Coin Master which involves dice rolling, attack, and stealing from other players to earn coins. In Coin Master, for example, you have a virtual slot, as opposed to Dice Dreams where it’s just a mystical board. In Dice Dreams, you roll dice to earn coins. You can also earn coins by stealing other people’s wealth and attacking their kingdoms. Then, you use those coins to build your own kingdom, one level at a time.

Dice Dreams is a game that anyone can play, whether they are old or young, male or female. Its graphics and funny pet make it more enjoyable.

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Newly added to the list  (Bonus)

Monopoly go

Monopoly go

Monopoly Go is the best mobile app version of the classic board game Monopoly. the game already is a huge hit among all types of players. Nothing is surprising about why the game has already crossed the milestone of 50m+ downloads on the Google Play Store.

In Monopoly GO, your goal is to acquire money by rolling the dice on the board, using it to buy properties and manage them. The game starts with the iconic New York City. However, if you wish, you can expand your property purchase and empire to other cities using your buildings.

​Monopoly GO combines traditional Monopoly board gameplay with management game mechanics. Players roll virtual dice to move their pieces on the board. Depending on where their piece lands, they can earn money to invest in construction and improvements, acquire debts from the bank, or even face consequences like going to jail.

If you have not tried the game before you can try the game now to dive into the ocean of Monopoly. If you are already an active player and looking for daily dice you can check out this article about Monopoly Go free dice links.

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Animals & Coins Adventure Game

animal and coin adventure game

Another adventure game with great graphics called Animal & Coins Adventure is designed by Innplay Labs. At the moment, it has already passed 10 million downloads in Google Play Store. You can team up with millions of players worldwide in this game. The basic idea here is to construct treasure islands and bridges. Moreover, you can loot coins from your friend’s base and thereby unlock new pet characters. Progress in this game creates your own animal kingdom. Also, by completing mini-games you can loot more coins.

Download animals & coins adventure game for Android

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That’s it for this blog post! I’m sure I’ve provided you with complete information about the top 10 games like master in this article. If you still think any game is missing from this list, don’t forget to mention it in the comments below.

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