How to Get More FREE Energy on Family Island?

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If you are in for adventures, then Family Island is the game for you. This game offers captivating adventures and challenges to keep you hooked to it. However, one challenge posed by this, which is hard to overcome, is the limited energy.

This is why this article will guide you on ways to get more free energy on Family Island. Although unlimited energy is not an option in this game, the tips and tricks mentioned below are enough to keep your energy bar full until you play.

Here are 20 different ways to get free energy on Family Island

1. Family Island Free Energy Links

Family Island Free Energy Links

Keep an eye on this game’s official social media pages, like Facebook, where the daily free energy gift links are frequently shared. When you click on these links, you get rewarded with not only free energy but with rubies and other amazing game rewards.

For daily updates and reward links of Family Island, visit Family Island free energy links. This page regularly updates and enlists all the rewards and bonus links of this game. Save this webpage to your benefit. With everyday links, you can maximize your energy bar as well as receive more rewards and valuables in the game.

2. Energy Point Restoration

Energy Point Restoration

This is the most basic way to gain energy. Almost every game with energy and life bar has this method of restoration. It is time-consuming but an energy-gaining method nonetheless. Your energy points will naturally be restored over time, with one energy point being restored every two minutes. The maximum energy restore limit depends on the level of your family house upgrade, so it is a better strategy to upgrade your home to increase this limit.

3. Watch Ads

Watch Ads

Another common way to gain valuables in a game is to watch the advertisements within a game. Take advantage of the option to watch ads on Family Island to earn free energy. This option is often displayed in the top left corner while playing. You can also look out for small chests that provide 30 energy each. Another option for acquiring free energy is to visit the store and tap on the energy section. You have to watch an advertisement for a specific time, and by the end of the advertisement, you get rewarded with increased energy.

4. Daily Tasks

Daily tasks

Completing daily tasks can earn you energy rewards, as well as milestone and grand prize rewards. It is the ‘two birds with one stone’ strategy. You will get to play the interesting tasks on the game while your energy level gets increased. Win-Win situation!

Make sure to stay on top of your daily tasks to maximize your energy gains.

5. Invite a Friend

Invite a Friend

Use the invite friends feature to invite new players to the game. You’ll receive rewards when your friends join and reach level 4. The ‘Invite your friend‘ option becomes available when you reach level 4.

Family Island invite friends prizes and gifts

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6. Feed the Family

Feed the Family

Feeding your family is one of the most interactive and wholesome ways to gain energy.

All you have to do is open the dinner table, place available meals into free slots, click the ‘Eat’ button, and voila! You are energized!

However, keep in mind that if your energy is already full, you will not be able to feed the family, and the game will keep on displaying ‘Everyone is Full‘ until you have used some of your energy.

7. Completing Merchant’s and Shaman’s Orders

Completing Merchant's and Shaman's Orders

The merchant Hapoor and the shaman Ozzy are valuable allies who can provide you with rewards, including free energy, for completing their orders.

Keep an eye out for their requests and fulfill them to reap the benefits in the face of energy, rubies, and more.

8. Shower and Bathroom Upgrades

Shower and Bathroom Upgrades

Who knew upgrading and repairing your bathrooms and showers could be energizing? In this game, your shower and bathroom repairs and upgrades can also lead to increased energy rewards.

Tap on the bathroom & showers and Look out for messages such as “Increase energy bonus” for upgrades and “Generates energy” for repairs.

9. Chests and Rare Items

family island small chest

family island big chest

Explore the islands and events to find chests and rare items, which often contain free energy, special items, gold tools, and stars. These can be valuable sources of additional energy.

Every day, a small chest pops up by the shore, and you can spot it around where the merchant arrives. Also, every three days, a bigger chest shows up on the right side of your Home Island beach. Just make sure you clear out starfish, sandcastles, and other stuff so those chests have space to appear.

The rare items’ chests often pop up on the screen at the start of the game or randomly during gameplay. Make sure you claim them as soon as they appear in the game, or else they disappear after a certain time limit.

10. Energy Generators during Events

During special events, unique energy generators may become available, offering you an opportunity to obtain extra energy.

11. Contests and Raffles on Social Media

Participate in contests and raffles hosted on the game’s social media pages for a chance to win free rewards, including energy.

12. Daily Reward Calendar

Daily Reward Calendar

Check the date and get energized! Yes, this game’s calendar offers rewards. Make it a habit to collect your daily rewards from the calendar, as these can often include free energy, among other bonuses.

13. Energy Gift Boxes

Energy Gift Boxes

Keep an eye out for energy gift boxes scattered across different locations on the island. These boxes can contain varying amounts of free energy, so explore thoroughly to find them all.

14. Game Updates

While not a regular occurrence, some game updates may include free energy rewards. Stay tuned for these updates to take advantage of any energy bonuses they may offer.

15. Check Your Mailbox

Periodically check your in-game mailbox for messages containing free energy rewards. Don’t miss out on any opportunities to claim these rewards.

16. Festival Event Islands

Festival Event Islands

Participate in festival event islands to explore new locations, complete tasks, and earn free energy, gold tools, rubies, and leaderboard points.

17. Time Fountain

Time Fountain

Unlock the Time Fountain at level 14 to gain access to a free resource that provides up to 120 free energy. The amount of energy provided depends on the fountain’s level.

18. Totem of Happiness

Totem of Happiness

Guess what? The Totem of Happiness is this cool building that hands you some extra Energy. You can grab it once you hit level 19. And get this – it throws Energy your way every 3 hours!

19. Energy Decorations

Some decorations in the game can generate free energy at regular intervals. Look out for these decorations, particularly on festival islands.

20. Family Album – Card Collections

Family Album – Card Collections

Completing card sets and albums in the Family Album feature can reward you with significant amounts of energy. The rarer the cards, the more energy you’ll receive.


The more you spend your time on a game, the more you have the chance to play more levels. However, all these strategies can also be used to make sure that your energy reserves remain plentiful so that you can thoroughly enjoy the Family Island gameplay experience.

Here are all the ways we have found to get more free energy in Family Island. When any new ways are added to the game, we will include those points in this article. Additionally, if you know of any ways that are not included in our article, please let us know in the comments.

So, let the power-pack adventure begin on Family Island. Energize and claim your rewards now.

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